Tired little man

When This little guy gets tired it doesn't matter where he is at he just zonks.

Hanging out with Dad

Rigguns favorite show to watch is Yo Gabba Gabba. And he loves to watch with someone and not by himself. So here he is chillin' with dad watching TV.

Messy Eater

We have been trying to let Riggun learn to use utensils to feed himself but as you can see it gets really messy and usually he just holds the utensil in one hand and feeds himself with the other hand. But there is one thing about this kid he eats a lot but is still a skinny little thing.
That is one more thing he gets from his dad.


Not only does Riggun love horses but he loves sports. Everytime he sees any kind of ball he heads straight for it. He acutally has a pretty good throw. He really likes playing football with cousin Boston. They went out on the college football field after cousin Brilee's soccer game and ran around throughing that football around. It was so cute cause the ball was about as big as them.


This is Riggun with his cowboy hat great grandpa & grandma Robby gave to him. Every time he gets on his rocking horse he says "yeehaw" it is so cute. He is really good at making animal sounds and i bet you can't guess what his fav one is? Anyway back to his hat, he sleeps with it a lot. I think we have a future cowboy on our hands!

Fun Times

We went to California with Nathan for a business trip so in our down time we to the mall and they had a carousel that Riggun wanted to get on but once he was up there he wasn't too sure about it.....but when it came time to get of he started screaming.