The Hospital (better late then never)

This is Riggun meeting his baby sister for the first time. At first there was curiosity and then he just wanted my fruit.

Daddy holding his new baby girl for the first time. He doesn't look proud does he? :)

Stamping her cute lil feet.

She weighed 7 lbs 9 oz

This was me just before they broke my water. I was just getting the patossin to start the labor. I on;y had 4 hours of labor she was definately ready to come she just needed a lil nudge. I was induced a day after my due date. So she was born June 15th at 3:15pm.

About to POP!

This is me a week before I was due and trust me I was large and in charge!

Our first outing

She got all dressed up for her first outing to the doctors at 3 days old!

The Ride Home

We got strapped in and headed for home. Iforgot how awkward it is to put a lil tiny baby in a big huges carseat!

Brotherly Sisterly Love

Riggun has loved his lil sister so far! He doesnt really take a lot of ontrest in her but does give her a kiss everyday and asks to hold her once in a while. Other then that he is just a busy body.

Cousinly Love

Everytime Tiffany holds Reighley Statlen is not too far behind wanting to hold her and gets way mad if you don't let him. He loves his cousin and is always keeping an eye on her.

How Sweet

A mother's dream! Both kids asleep at the same time AWWWWWWW!

Fourth Of July

I just cropped this pic so you could see how cute her outfit was!

We took Riggun to the splash pad to play to wear him out and he had a ton of fun and then crashed as soon as we started driving.

Riggun is showing off his $2 that he won by winning the foot race at the washington city celebration. We figured since we weren't out at the Bundy reunion kickin but might as well do it here :) Anyway he was so proud of his dollars he wouldn't let anyone else hold them!

Everyone in there gid up except for mom she had to take the pic.