Hughes Family Pic


Yeah we sold our house! We ha to be out by July 23. So we haveabout 5 weeks from now to find a new home or we will be living in our camp trailer, as Nathan calls it "The Love Shack!" So hopefully we can find a house but it is no big rush. We are really sad to leave our friends and the ward. With Nathan and I moving our bishop will have to replace 4 ward jobs! I bet he is nervous. Anyway that's our update.

Just Chilln'

We just hung out all day yesterday and so Riggun just kind of looke like a rag muffin. One boot on, a binki in each hand and one in his mouth, and if you look closely he found a pen and wrote all over the front of him. He would sleep with them boots on if I would let him!


Father and Sons

Riggun and Nathan went to father and sons last week and had a blast. Nathan said that he justloved playing in the dirt. Surprise surpise! Though they had a great time Nathan didn't dare spend the night with Riggun in a tent so they came home late that night. Doesn't he look cut in his camo overalls?

More Father And Sons


New Haircut

Riggun got another haircut. this is his 3rd! Each and everytime we cut his hair it goes lighter and lighter. I am sad that we are cutting all the red out but it doesn't matter too much cause he is still so cute! His hair does look read in these pics but in person it is taking on more of a blonde.

Swim Swim!

So we went to the new Washington City Community Center to go swimming last week and the place is really cool! The bad thing was we were only there for about 10 min before there was a "Phantom Duke" in the the pool so everyone had to get out so they could shock the pool and that was going to take up to 50 min so we left and got a pass to come back another day. Apparently they are having that problem quite regularly. So hopefully the next time we go back we can stay a little bit longer!