Baby Update

So if you can't tell by the crib set what we are having It's a girl! We are so excited and yes we have a name but I decided that I didn't want to post it but if you really want to know you can ask me. She moves non stop but that could be because I have been playing basketball the whole time she she is used to moving around. This is the crib set we bought and are waiting for the crib to be painted black to start putting the nursery together.

Cookie Day with the CUZN's

We all went over to Brian and Loralee's house to make Valentine cookies and it was really fun! Loralee sewed aprons for all the girls and chef hats for all the boys they were really cute!

Riggun's Lounger

We went shopping for a crib set for the new baby and found this little chair that rocks and everything that Riggun absoulutely loved, so we got it for him. I know I know he is spoiled!

First Black Eye

So this actually happened a while ago but I had forgotten to post it. The story is that he was playing on the stage with his cousins while the adults were playing basketball at the church. They were running back and forth through the curtains and they did have supervision to keep an eye on them and they was no worries. Well some how Riggun came barreling through the curtain running so fast that he ran right off the stage and hit a chair on the floor. It was so sad and at first we thought it was broken but it wasn't and he is completely back to normal.