The Hospital (better late then never)

This is Riggun meeting his baby sister for the first time. At first there was curiosity and then he just wanted my fruit.

Daddy holding his new baby girl for the first time. He doesn't look proud does he? :)

Stamping her cute lil feet.

She weighed 7 lbs 9 oz

This was me just before they broke my water. I was just getting the patossin to start the labor. I on;y had 4 hours of labor she was definately ready to come she just needed a lil nudge. I was induced a day after my due date. So she was born June 15th at 3:15pm.

About to POP!

This is me a week before I was due and trust me I was large and in charge!

Our first outing

She got all dressed up for her first outing to the doctors at 3 days old!

The Ride Home

We got strapped in and headed for home. Iforgot how awkward it is to put a lil tiny baby in a big huges carseat!

Brotherly Sisterly Love

Riggun has loved his lil sister so far! He doesnt really take a lot of ontrest in her but does give her a kiss everyday and asks to hold her once in a while. Other then that he is just a busy body.

Cousinly Love

Everytime Tiffany holds Reighley Statlen is not too far behind wanting to hold her and gets way mad if you don't let him. He loves his cousin and is always keeping an eye on her.

How Sweet

A mother's dream! Both kids asleep at the same time AWWWWWWW!

Fourth Of July

I just cropped this pic so you could see how cute her outfit was!

We took Riggun to the splash pad to play to wear him out and he had a ton of fun and then crashed as soon as we started driving.

Riggun is showing off his $2 that he won by winning the foot race at the washington city celebration. We figured since we weren't out at the Bundy reunion kickin but might as well do it here :) Anyway he was so proud of his dollars he wouldn't let anyone else hold them!

Everyone in there gid up except for mom she had to take the pic.


Still no baby

Just to let everyone know I am 5 days from my due date and there is still no baby. As soon as she comes we will try and get pics posted!


Quick post in honor of my Hubby

I just wanted to do a quick tribute to my hubby. He is such a good dad and husband. I love him so much and he provides very well for his family and is a great example to those around him. This last month has been so busy with easter and horse racing season starting up. That is why I haven't kept my blog update but I will try to get it updated. Anyway this last month Nathan took on a challenge of training some quarter horses instead of thoroughbreds for a futurity race here in St George. It is one of the bigger races that are held in UT. Anyway he received the horses a little later then he would have liked to get them ready for the races. Keep in mind they had to be broke and then trained to run. But he is a determined guy so I had no doubt he would have them ready. He got a lot of teasing and taunting for training quarter horses when he is an established thoroughbred trainer which I think made him even more determined to succeed. As the trials for the races arrived Foxy Dasher and Chasing Savannah were ready and raring. Savannah broke the track record and Foxy ran the 3rd fastest trial time. Everyone was amazed and were quick to congratulate nathan on his success with these horse after all the crap they gave him. We were all excited. Then the finals for the futurity came 2 wks later once again Nathan had the horses ready and raring to go. To make a long story short Savannah ran first breaking her own track record again and Foxy ran 4th (after a lot of in race obstacles). We were all very excited. Savannah definately is a special horse but for her to reach her potential she has shown us it took a talented trainer. Obviously Nathan has shown that if you have a talent is doesn't matter how, or to what you apply it too it is just the fact that you apply and use the talent to the best you can! I love you babe and GOOD JOB!


Fun Times Roping

Yes this is me attemping to rope 7 months prego. And oh was it uncomfortable. Also I am very lucky I have a strong husband who helped me on and off the horse.

Riggun was so excited to rope like uncle kolbey does. He thought he was so cool and big it was cute! I was just shocked he actually swung the rope and threw it (with daddy's help). And for those of you who are wondering what that contraption is and does well.....It is just a plastic horse that you sit upon and then you push a bar and the calf or steer comes rolling out in front of you so you can rope it. And then it rolls back to start over. It is really cool and fun. Thank you Ganpa Hughes!

Murder Mystery Party

So I haven't taken any prego pics so this is the first one. As you can see from this pic the reason why I don't like prego pics and it doesn't help that I am carrying her so so low it makes it worse. Oh and I am about 27 weeks in this pic.
For my niece Brianna's birthday we did a murder mystery Nathan was Uncle Tex, I was Auny Maybelle, and Riggun was Lil' Tex. It was fun to dress up.

Roasting Hot Dogs

This was Riggun's first time roasting hot dogs and he had a blast. The only problem was is that he wouldn't let anyone help him. He had to do it himself and as you can see by the blackness of the hot dog he was no pro. And it wasn't black cause he burned it, it was because he would stick in the coals. Oh well he had fun, and no he didn't eat them he just cooked them.

Cute Cousins

Riggun, Whitley, and Statlen. We went to watch Whitley at her first pee wee rodeo and took this pic cause those kids are just so cute. Riggun liked to cheer for Whitley while she participated it was fun.

San Diego Trip

So we went to San Diego for about a week and had a blast we went to The Wild Animal Park, The Zoo, and Sea World. We went to the parks for 3 days straight and then on the fourth day we went shopping and to the beach even though we went to the beach almost every night anyway cause we stayed so close to it. We had so much fun. Everytime we went to the beach I forgot the camera so I had to take pics and video with my phone so unfortunately I have no idea how to get them off my phone to the computer which sucks because it was Riggun's first time and he was hilarious. It was a little chilly but he did not want to get out of the water. So he played and played until he was so cold he couldn't even walk, but there was no stopping him. If I ever get them put on the computer I will have to post them. It was a fun trip to take before the new baby comes.

Sea World

This is a pic of Riggun and Nathan on one of the rides in the new Elmo's Bay of Play. They had three rides there and Riggun loved them and wanted to go again and again.
This was another of the rides and he was trying to wave at me but couldn't find me. There was like no one at Sea World so there was no waiting in lines for rides. It was awesome!

They also had a big jungle jim for the kids to play on and Riggun had a blast playing on the with dad of course....Mom probably couldn't even fit through that tube! :)

I had to take this pic because we were watching the Shamu show and his little face was cracking me up cause he was just so intrigued!

San Diego Wild Animal Park & The Zoo

Mommy and Riggun Posing
We were leaving the Zoo and this was our last Park to visit so needless to say I was relieved 3 parks 3 days 6 months prego that's a lot of walking.

Riggun chose out the mask for his trip treat at the zoo so we found this shirt to match. He loved and some of you may know he is deathly scared of masks so we were surprised he chose it out. But only he could where it and he would say to us when we acted like we were scared "It not scary mom it not scary" But when we tried to put the mask on he would freak out cause he was scared it was so funny.

Daddy and Riggun riding the big tortoise!

Riggun had so much fun seeing all the animals.


Baby Update

So if you can't tell by the crib set what we are having It's a girl! We are so excited and yes we have a name but I decided that I didn't want to post it but if you really want to know you can ask me. She moves non stop but that could be because I have been playing basketball the whole time she she is used to moving around. This is the crib set we bought and are waiting for the crib to be painted black to start putting the nursery together.

Cookie Day with the CUZN's

We all went over to Brian and Loralee's house to make Valentine cookies and it was really fun! Loralee sewed aprons for all the girls and chef hats for all the boys they were really cute!

Riggun's Lounger

We went shopping for a crib set for the new baby and found this little chair that rocks and everything that Riggun absoulutely loved, so we got it for him. I know I know he is spoiled!

First Black Eye

So this actually happened a while ago but I had forgotten to post it. The story is that he was playing on the stage with his cousins while the adults were playing basketball at the church. They were running back and forth through the curtains and they did have supervision to keep an eye on them and they was no worries. Well some how Riggun came barreling through the curtain running so fast that he ran right off the stage and hit a chair on the floor. It was so sad and at first we thought it was broken but it wasn't and he is completely back to normal.



While we were up north we went sledding in G&G Scott's back yard. The kids loved it as well as some of the adults. Grandpa Scott tied the sled to the back of the four wheeler and drug them around. The sled started out in one piece but after a few runs over some rocks it started to break so we layed donw some pieces of carpet so the sled wouldn't fill up with snow. As you can see we made it work. Grandma Scott is sporting our redneck sleigh after it had it's last run!
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Temple Square

We went up north the week before Christmas to spend time with Nathan's family. While we were there we went to to Body Worlds exhibit which was way cool and then we went to temple square and watched the nativity. This picture makes the statues look so real.
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