Our New Home

This is our new beautiful home. We are so grateful for it and and excited to get it all decorated and homey feeling.


Finally and Update!

Ok ok I know here it is December and my last post was October but at least this time I have a good excuse! We finally got moved into a new house and it has taken 2 weeks to get internet and don't forget the moving in part too. So anyway you are all probably wanting to see a pic of the NEW Humble Home but for some reason I can't get the pic to come off my phone so I will have to take one with the camera tomorrow and get it posted then. I promise I will do it tomorrow for sure. Also you probably notice the pic of the pregnancy counter to the right.....yep we are prego! The due dat is June 14th and it will be a while before e know what we are having for sure but when we find out I will let you know. We do have an unltrasound but really the baby is only like 2cm so it kind of looks like and oversized piece of rice....I'll post a pic when things are a little more definable. Anyhoo we found out we were pregnant while still in the trailer with no home so we were freaking a little but it was only a few days later that we found out that one of our many offers had been accepted so that was good news! Other then that not too much has changed.

Captain Moroni

So Grandma Scott is making a book with pictures of the grandkids dressed up as different people from stories out of the scriptures. Riggun was supposed to be captain moroni upon his horse in all his armor. Well we tried the pony thin and when the pony moved Riggun got freaked cause he thought he was going to fall cause as you can see he has nothing to hold on to and well he is only 2! So we went a different route and put him upon his trusty steed......the rocking horse he did a little better cause at least he knew there would not be any sudden movements. Then we threw him upon the haystack just for fun and by then he was done with picture time!

Still Scared of Santa

We went to the jubilee of tree's and saw Santa but Riggun wasn't too thrilled. Our first mistake was trying to sit him on Santa's lap. As long as we kept him away from him he was ok.