Quick post in honor of my Hubby

I just wanted to do a quick tribute to my hubby. He is such a good dad and husband. I love him so much and he provides very well for his family and is a great example to those around him. This last month has been so busy with easter and horse racing season starting up. That is why I haven't kept my blog update but I will try to get it updated. Anyway this last month Nathan took on a challenge of training some quarter horses instead of thoroughbreds for a futurity race here in St George. It is one of the bigger races that are held in UT. Anyway he received the horses a little later then he would have liked to get them ready for the races. Keep in mind they had to be broke and then trained to run. But he is a determined guy so I had no doubt he would have them ready. He got a lot of teasing and taunting for training quarter horses when he is an established thoroughbred trainer which I think made him even more determined to succeed. As the trials for the races arrived Foxy Dasher and Chasing Savannah were ready and raring. Savannah broke the track record and Foxy ran the 3rd fastest trial time. Everyone was amazed and were quick to congratulate nathan on his success with these horse after all the crap they gave him. We were all excited. Then the finals for the futurity came 2 wks later once again Nathan had the horses ready and raring to go. To make a long story short Savannah ran first breaking her own track record again and Foxy ran 4th (after a lot of in race obstacles). We were all very excited. Savannah definately is a special horse but for her to reach her potential she has shown us it took a talented trainer. Obviously Nathan has shown that if you have a talent is doesn't matter how, or to what you apply it too it is just the fact that you apply and use the talent to the best you can! I love you babe and GOOD JOB!