Our Humble Home

So here is a pic of what we are living in right now. Our camp trailer or as Nathan likes to call it "The Love Shack" We have it parked in the back of my parents home while we still search for a new home. We still can't believe our old house sold so fast. Anyway sorry it took so long to update I knew this would be tough for me to keep up with!

Tough Enough To Wear Pink!

This Is all the guys showing that they are tough enough to wear pink to the Rodeo for Breast Cancer awareness!

Since Riggun is just soooo cute I had to take some pics of him and he was just posing up a storm. I think we may have a star on our hands!
MMMMMM good! Nothing is better then a Rodeo hotdog!

Dixie Round Up

This was the first night of the Round Up. We went all 3 nights and Riggun sat and watched faithfully the whole thing except for the 3rd night and he was not having it he was way restless but he calmed down to sit and watch the bulls. He better not get any ideas.