For th easter we had a lot of fun. On Saturday we hung out with all of Nathan's family and had a easter egg hunt it was fun and surprisingly riggun did very well picking up the eggs and putting him in his bucket. Then Sunday we went to Grandma & Grandpa Hughes's house for easter dinner and another easter egg hunt. Whitley and Riggun had their own easter egg hunt and then g&g Hughes hid eggs for the adults and Kolbey. The rules were that you could only find 10 eggs and you couldn't open them. Also that they had up to $1-$10 in them. Anyway it was really fun but Nathan had a hard time cause everyone found all their eggs and he still had like 6 eggs to find. Well so like an hour later he just gave up on the last 2 eggs he couldn't find but we counted all the money and found out that they were only $1 eggs. A few weeks later grandma Hughes found one of his eggs but still to this day Nathan's 10th egg is still out there. So anyone needing a dollar can go egg hunting

This picture is of Riggun's Easter Sunday outfit.


Oh boy does Riggun love the water! Grandma and Grandpa Scott had a hotel room with a heated pool so Riggun and Nathan took a dive. As you can see Riggun had no fear. In fact he kept trying to go under the water.

Family's are Forever

This is our family picture taken for our Christmas cards.