When the fireworks actually began Riggun got scared and jumped up on Nathan's lap. Then he kind of burried his head into Nathan's chest and then held Nathan's hand over his other ear. He was fine and enjoyed watching as long as his ears were covered. If Nathan moved his hand at all he hurried and grabbed it and put it back over his ear. He was so cute and it was fun to watch!

Waiting for Fireworks

We parked the truck in the middle of a field and climbed in the back to watch the fireworks!

4th of July

This is Riggun all decked out in his 4th of July outfit. Thanks granny H for the shirt. My boys are sooooo cute! We just went to the park down from the track to hang out for a little while, waiting for it to get dark.

We wentto Boise Idaho for a week over the the 4th of July! I know, I know we missed the Bundy reunion but we still had a lot of fun. We were there racing horses but on the days we didn't have any to run we played. One of the days we went to this huge water park that was right by our hotel. It was so much fun and they had this big area that was designed for the little ones. Well, this pics of this big yellow slide are pretty much the only pics I took of Riggun cause this is all he wanted to do. Go down the slide with dad. He literally went down 30 times. If we didn't take him right back to the top he would start to whine. He absolutely loved it! Man this kid has no


Sleepy lil one

Once again here he is just passed out asleep.

I may be partial but he can't do anything and not be cute!

Me & My Baby

So this is me and my little man just getting ready to leave to church. Unfortunately he is not happy about it for a couple of reasons. One he needed a nap so he didn't want to take a pic but he looked so cute I couldn't resist and two he absolutely hates nursery. In fact he start crying as soon as we get out of the car and sees we are at the church. So lets hope he grows out of that!