For th easter we had a lot of fun. On Saturday we hung out with all of Nathan's family and had a easter egg hunt it was fun and surprisingly riggun did very well picking up the eggs and putting him in his bucket. Then Sunday we went to Grandma & Grandpa Hughes's house for easter dinner and another easter egg hunt. Whitley and Riggun had their own easter egg hunt and then g&g Hughes hid eggs for the adults and Kolbey. The rules were that you could only find 10 eggs and you couldn't open them. Also that they had up to $1-$10 in them. Anyway it was really fun but Nathan had a hard time cause everyone found all their eggs and he still had like 6 eggs to find. Well so like an hour later he just gave up on the last 2 eggs he couldn't find but we counted all the money and found out that they were only $1 eggs. A few weeks later grandma Hughes found one of his eggs but still to this day Nathan's 10th egg is still out there. So anyone needing a dollar can go egg hunting

This picture is of Riggun's Easter Sunday outfit.


Katie said...

Darley- I am so glad that you are a blogger now. You have a cute template. Love it!

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Hi Darley!!

I saw you commented on my blog! How the heck are you? You should email me : monica_sing07@hotmail.com - Feel free to add us to your friends list. We should get together when we are up there next. We are up there at least once a month for our baby appointments. Anyway thanks for coming to my blog!

Tyler and Carly Bingham said...

Yay! you have a blog! Now maybe we can keep in touch

The Ripley's said...

Your boy is so stinkin' cute! I am so glad you have a blog now. It's so fun to see what everyone has been up to.

Katie said...

Love Love Love your new layout. Way to spice up the blog Darley. Your gettin good at this.

Everett Family said...

Cute blog check ours out at


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P.S. I love you.