Father and Sons

Riggun and Nathan went to father and sons last week and had a blast. Nathan said that he justloved playing in the dirt. Surprise surpise! Though they had a great time Nathan didn't dare spend the night with Riggun in a tent so they came home late that night. Doesn't he look cut in his camo overalls?


Mikelle said...

Darley, I'm glad you have a blog! i managed to find it through the grape vine. Your family is so cute and your little boy is getting so big i can't believe it. Hope to see you at the reunion!

Amy Hummel said...

Hi Darley, I just found your blog! I'm glad... especially since I don't do the family website thing anyore. I added you to my google reader account so that I can keep up with your happenings!

You can visit me over at:

Steve and Annie Huff said...

Darly! We need to hang out with all of the girls soon. It's been to long! Steve and I started a blog...we can be blogger friends. (right now its just pictures of our photo shoots, but soon we'll have pictures of us).

Mikelle said...

We actually talk about going to them all the time so if you are headed this way we would love to get together and go, my husband loves that stuff. And they are way close to us.